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Music Theme with Picture and Unicode Music symbols

by John 2. December 2011 16:24

The use of music symbols in HTML requires a little knowledge of fonts and their list of Unicode characters. It is common practice on web sites to cheat and just use what is available on the keyboard. Such as a # sign would indicate a sharp note and a lower case b indicate a flat. Via the use of Unicode characters we can actually use actual music symbols in our web pages. For example it looks much better to indicate a sharp note using a ♯ and flat using a ♭ symbols respectfully.

This Music Theme uses cascading style sheets (CSS) to make a list of fonts that support common music symbols.  The fonts being used (see below) is also on the list of common fonts used for both Windows and Mac. This ensures broad compatibility among browsers, in fact while I was writing this article I even tested the music symbols on my droid x and had no trouble displaying them.


font-family: Lucida Sans Unicode, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

So, how do we go about using Unicode characters in our web site; since I tend to hand code my HTML I use the actual Unicode values (see below) followed by a semicolon.  However, many of today’s HTML editors have built in ways to insert Unicode characters that may make it easier.

·         -  &#x266d

·           -  &#x266e

·          -  &#x266f

To see an example of the HTML used to display these music symbols, right click and choose view source then scroll down till you find the HTML for this article.




List Examples

by Admin 2. December 2011 15:23

Ordered List

  1. List Item 1
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Unordered List

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Blockquote Example

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Heading examples

by Admin 2. December 2011 15:11

Heading 1

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Heading 2

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Heading 3

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Heading 4

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Heading 5

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Heading 6

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