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Editorial Guidelines

Guitar-Frets Link Directory is an industry specific Link Directory. This simply means that the first criteria for acceptance to our Directory is that your site must be Music and/or Guitar related. For example, a site containing multiple mp3 files of various forms of music for download but that has no useful information on Music Theory, Musical Development, Relative Pitch or information about Guitars would not be accepted to Guitar-Frets Directory. On the other hand, a site containing information about Music Theory but not necessarily about the Guitar would be accepted.

Guitar-Frets is committed to making our Directory a useful resource for Musicians and thus the Webmaster personally reviews every submission to the Directory to make sure that the site meets Guitar-Frets criteria. Our directory has eight categories. If you feel that your site is a candidate for our Directory but does not fit into one of the categories Guitar-frets offers, then you can use the Contact Us page to request a new category. Be sure to include what you feel the category name should be and the URL of your site for review.

Guitar-Frets requires a Reciprocal Link to be included in our directory and this link must be on a page that is accessible from the home page within three clicks. The link does not necessarily have to be on a Link page or Resource page. It can be on a content page or even within the content of a certain page.

Guitar-Frets reserves the right to decline any site for any reason and inclusion in our directory is at the sole discretion of the Webmaster. The main thing that Guitar-Frets is looking for is that your site content is somehow related to Guitar-Frets content. We will also link to Music Stores as long as they deal with Guitars.