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Relative Pitch, Guitar Blog, and Guitar Directory

Have you ever wondered how some guitar players can find any note effortlessly on the Fretboard? Or how about Playing by Ear? Can you even recognize the differences between a Major and a minor chord? Is your knowledge of Music Theory limited to the I-IV-V Chord progression and knowing that the VI is the relative minor? Guitar-Frets is a site that teaches concept to improve Relative Pitch, Fretboard Memory and Music Theory.

Relative Pitch Ear Training

Relative Pitch is the ability to recognize, by ear, the relationships between two or more tones and the ability to sing a tone by mentally determining its distance from a reference tone. Relative Pitch is a skill that is easily acquired but it does take time and patience. You will find all the tools necessary to learn Relative Pitch right here at Guitar-Frets.

Guitar-Frets has taken the time to develop an Ear Training section that will allow you to set up exactly what Interval and Chord definition that you want to work on. Guitar-Frets also gives you the ability to choose what Guitar you want to here the sound samples from. As an added bonus, Guitar-Frets DOES NOT USE A MEDI PLAYER to produce the sound samples as a lot of other sites do; we only use LIVE GUITAR RECORDINGS. This ensures that you are actually hearing a guitar being played and not a sound card trying to mimic the sound of a Guitar. In an effort to make our site compliant with HTML 5, we have updated our audio to only use Adobe Flash as a fall back for platforms and browsers that does not support playback of mp3 via HTML 5. Our site has also been fully tested on mobile platforms such as Android and IOS.

Guitar Blog

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Guitar-Frets Blog is the heart of our site. You will find many articles on various subjects, such as Fretboard Memorization, Music Theory, Interval and Chord Definition, and Ear Training. The lessons that you learn here at Guitar-Frets are not meant to teach you how to play the guitar but are A guide to make you a more creative and knowledgeable musician.

I want you to set a goal for yourself right now to learn to identify and find any note on the Guitar in a matter of seconds; this is known as Fretboard Memory. This is one of the first things we are going to teach here at Guitar-Frets. It’s not hard, and with a little knowledge, you can attain this ability. From there, we are going to move on to an in-depth study of Music Theory and Ear Training Techniques. All of our techniques are tailored to the guitar, which means that we are not only going to teach Music Theory, we will also teach you how to apply the knowledge of Music Theory to the guitar.

Guitar Directory

The last aspect of Guitar-Frets is a directory of Guitar related sites. This Directory is an Industry Specific Link Directory where we will link to other sites of interest to Guitar players. Our Guitar Directory will gladly link to any Music and/or Guitar site as long as it meets our Editorial Guidelines and it must be something of interest to the users of this site. Inclusion in our Guitar Directory is at the sole discretion of the webmaster of Guitar-Frets.